Introducing Menuzen

Menuzen is the free online menu creator that is set to make costly menu updates and design fees a thing of the past.
That means both time and money saved!

Even better, Menuzen also functions as a live menu management system thanks to its cutting-edge cloud-based technology. Whether you’ve sold out of an item or are updating your daily food specials, you can keep your customers informed at all times. Menuzen’s versatile features include:

  • Item Manager – Upload as many menu items and descriptions as you like.
  • Menu Designer – Design and customise your menu using a template best suited to your business.
  • Menu Manager – Structure and update your menu in seconds, with changes reflected instantly.

As well as that, Menuzen allows you and your team to collaborate on menus through multi-user access. Once you’re happy with the final result, all that’s left to do is share your menus via your unique URL, QR code or website!

Our Mission

At Menuzen, we aim to connect customers with food businesses and their menus via modern collaborative technology.

Revolutionising Menu Creation and Viewing

Behind Menuzen is an innovative team, with our headquarters in the westernmost capital city in Australia. We’ve been in the space for over 8 years and are one of the most respected digital signage and menu board companies in the ANZ region. Our reputation has been built on developing long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and reliability. Through this, we have discovered many pain points in the creation and management of menus.

Driven by the passion to creatively solve these pain points, Menuzen was created. By combining collaboration and technology, we continuously push the limits to deliver an exceptional menu experience to our clients and their end users. With global ambitions, we’ve set out to be the leading provider of innovative menu solutions in the world.

Closed Beta

Before we’re ready to launch, we need your valuable feedback – so why not be part of our first closed beta? By trying Menuzen, you can reinvigorate your customer experience with a brand new menu design while shaping the future of our revolutionary menu management software. Not to mention, you’ll be granted a Free Forever Premium Account when you provide us with your feedback. Apply now by filling out the form on our home page!