Canva VS Menuzen Comparison 2022 - Best Menu Maker

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We decided to pit Canva vs. Menuzen across a range of different categories to see which is the best free menu maker program for the food service industry.

There are a plethora of menu maker programs available today and which one you choose depends on a variety of factors; price, features, ease of use, integrations and more. 

With this in mind we have decided to review each area for you to allow you to make up your own mind. 

What is Canva?

Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. You can use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more right from your web browser.

For restaurants, it allows you to create your own menu template or modify a range of existing Canva menu templates.

What is Menuzen?

Menuzen is a dedicated menu maker for the foodservice industry. It focuses on allowing menu creation as quickly as possible with no design or design program experience needed. 

Menuzen contains professionally designed menu templates which allow limited customisation so you only edit the things that matter to you most. Instead of merely creating a downloadable menu, your menu is digital which means you can update your menu in seconds and have it show changes wherever it is embedded.

Canva vs. Menuzen. What are their features?

Canva contains an incredible amount of features as it is tailored to anyone who wishes to create any form of graphic. Using their web based editor, you can create flyers, social posts, posters, logos, brochures… virtually anything you can think of. You can even add media to your videos. 

Canva has focused on creating a large array of prebuilt templates, assets and images for you to use to create your designs as quickly as possible. It’s a fantastic way for you to manage all of your business's graphic design needs with ease.

With respect to menu creation however, whilst Canva contains hundreds of menu templates to choose from, once you start creating your menu it quickly becomes difficult to modify and break out of the existing template. Text overlapping, items not lining up correctly and changing the size of the menu can all take that little bit of extra time to get right.

Menuzen on the other hand is solely a digital menu maker. Meaning, you choose from a preexisting professionally designed menu template just like Canva, but the template lets you edit only the areas that matter to you and Menuzen does the rest. Menuzen makes your digital menu fully responsive and compatible with being viewed on all devices without zooming and panning. It exists as a link, instead of needing to be a downloadable file which means it is more easily shared and accessible.

It offers the ability to manage your food service restaurant too, from opening hours, recipes, creating multiple menus, store locations, managing your item stock levels and more. 

Canva vs. Menuzen. Are they easy to use?

Compared to professional design tools such as Photoshop and Indesign, Canva is incredibly easy to use when it comes to creating set types of graphics. It has a robust set of editing tools which makes adding new elements and controlling those already added a breeze. It is tailored to a browse and select way of design, meaning you scroll through existing templates and assets you like, you add them to your design and you edit from there. 

Menuzen cannot compete with Canva as a broad graphic design tool. However, being specific to the foodservice industry and menu creation, has an even more streamlined interface for just menu creation. You only need to choose your template to immediately start editing your food items, business information and template styling one tap away.

Menuzen is less fully featured than Canva but for menu creation, this acts as a strength as you can edit items faster and have them updated wherever your menu is embedded and linked.

Canva vs. Menuzen. How much do they cost?

For pricing, Canva has five different plan options with Pro being the most popular. Canva limits pricing tiers based on:

  • Amount of users
  • Cloud storage size
  • Stock photo access
  • Efficiency tools such as a background remover
  • User permissions
  • Enterprise-level support 
  • And more…

The average cost of a subscription can be around $115 per year. But costs can creep up quickly if you need to add more people or control user permissions. 

Menuzen right now is free for all users. There are no paid tiers for early access customers which means you get unlimited items, menus, templates, users and URLs. 

As far as a free menu creator tool is concerned, there is no better deal online.

Canva vs. Menuzen. How do they help restaurants?

Canva provides great value for a wide variety of uses. For food service businesses this means that Canva can be used to create any and all graphic design needs. From menus to social post graphics, uniform designs, business cards and more it allows businesses to create assets faster than ever before and with only some design knowledge required. 

At its core it helps by reducing the time and cost to produce assets that already exist within the business for a low cost annual fee.

Menuzen, whilst it offers a more limited feature set, provides an entirely new way for your customers to interact with your food service business menu and information. Due to the menus being entirely digital, your customers never need to know if an item is still offered or whether the pricing is correct as it takes seconds for you to update pricing. They never need to know if they need to call to see if you’re open or not as it takes seconds to update your opening hours. 

Additionally Menuzen menus are Google friendly right from the moment they’re published which means it's never been easier for your customers to find your menu in Google. 

Which is better?

Both Canva and Menuzen are powerful tools in their own right. However in summary Canva is a stronger tool for a wide variety of graphic design needs, but Menuzen offers a unique menu creation experience which ultimately will save you more time and money in the long run due to the digital nature of the menu creation. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create your menu as well as share it online and reduce customer friction, Menuzen is your best bet.