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Are you the manager or owner of a bakery, deli, bistro, buffet, bar or pub? If so, the way you present your menu speaks volumes. Let Menuzen revolutionise your customers’ dining experience at no cost.

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Improve customer experience

Part of the dining experience is the excitement of trying new things. Needless to say, a visually engaging online menu is the first port of call for hungry customers. With creative menus that update in real-time, you’ll get heads turning.

Store recipes for menu items

As a bonus, our Item Manager allows you to store recipes for menu items – ensuring all chefs and kitchen staff have this information readily available. It’s especially handy for dishes with specific cooking methods or ingredients.

Promote specials and seasonal menu items

At Menuzen, we’ve made it effortless to swap out food specials or make seasonal menu updates. Not only can you create and manage seasonal menus, but you can also showcase daily and weekly specials as they come and go.

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Collaborate and share menus

Take menu creation to new heights with Menuzen’s collaborative nature – where multiple users can edit items, arrange menus in Menu Manager and make design changes in Menu Designer. From supervisors to cooks, there’s room for everyone at the table.

Perfect for bistros, bars and buffets

Front of house managers oversee the team and make sure their menu is up-to-date at all times. With no time or money to waste, Menuzen is the 100% free solution to their menu management needs.

It can be a pain point for chefs to have to teach newcomers how to prepare dishes. With the ability to clearly list ingredients and recipes in Menuzen, this is no longer an issue.

Menuzen works for staff members looking to update any menus, change pricing or mark items as ‘sold out’. Fortunately, they can easily do so in Menuzen without the hassle of asking their manager.

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