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Whether you’re creating fancy menu cards for a wedding or event – or in charge of simple cafeteria and canteen menus – Menuzen is the free online menu maker you’ll wish you knew about earlier.

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Use individual recipes in multiple menus

One of the first things we recommend doing is creating a library with all your dishes in Item Manager. Thereon, you can tailor professional menus to each of your clients using our Menu Manager tool. Talk about a time-saving functionality!

Create designs for all your clients

Let us relieve the stress of the design process. Our Menu Designer offers an array of free elegant themes – meaning you can create menu cards in a flash, particularly for weddings and special occasions.

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Collaborate and share menus

Want to exchange ideas and let clients visualise your menu designs? Simply use the preview link to share a live version of your menu. You can also share your menu with attendees ahead of events via social media or email.

Perfect for Caterers & Clients

Menuzen is ideal for those who run a catering service and need to keep track of menus for many different clients. Menuzen improves customer interactions while helping them to plan ahead.

Clients who would like to be involved in the menu creation process also stand to benefit from Menuzen. Thanks to multi-user access, clients can hop into Menuzen at any time and make their own design changes.

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