Online menus for Fine Dining

Fine dining is a luxurious experience in itself, which menus play a vital part in. With Menuzen, your customers feast their eyes on your elegantly designed menu before setting foot in your restaurant.

Design Elegant Menus

Enhance customer experience with stunning menus

Menuzen allows customers to engage with and get excited about your brand before they even arrive at your restaurant. Thanks to our Menu Designer, you can choose from professional and free menu templates to elevate your menu.

Create recipes for advanced menu items

Why not use Menuzen as a central database for all things menu-related? In Item Manager, you can store recipes for all of your menu items. This, combined with 24/7 online access for your staff, makes kitchen operations more effective.

Specials, seasonal updates and drinks lists

Introduce customers to the finer things in life with exquisitely crafted drink and wine lists, seasonal dishes and weekly or daily specials. Not to mention, you can use Menu Manager to plan ahead or switch between lunch and dinner menus.

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Collaborate and share menus

Multi-user accounts mean access can be granted to everyone on the team – so they can make live menu updates as needed. This includes chefs, marketing personnel, managers and waitstaff who are invaluable to your restaurant.

Perfect for Fine Dining

Menuzen allows back of house managers to keep on top of the live database. Should any menu items go ‘out of stock’, they can quickly make updates.

Menuzen accommodates chefs who create restaurant menus and plan for seasonal changes. Conveniently, they can store all their recipes in Menuzen and compile menus from this library.

With Menuzen, waitstaff can keep on top of the latest menus and update menus whenever needed. In the absence of a manager, they can quickly mark ‘sold out’ items without having to wait around.

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