Create stunning responsive designs

A professional and elegant menu design is a must for any cafe or restaurant. If you’re dreading having to do it from scratch, have no fear. We’ve simplified the entire process!

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Manage multiple accounts

Whether you have a single site or many, Menuzen offers the advantage of managing menu items with the click of a button. With our central live database, the pricing of one menu item automatically updates across all sites when changed.

Collaborate and share menus

There are all kinds of stakeholders to consider – from marketing personnel and designers, to store managers and other franchises. Menuzen makes it easy for teams to share ideas and collaborate through multi-user accounts.

Highlight dietary information and kilojoules (kJ)

Adhere to health standards by including dietary labels and kilojoules for each menu item in our Item Manager. This way, you can attract and cater to dietary-specific markets while keeping customers informed.

Consistent branding across sites and platforms

It’s important to ensure branding is harmonious across all your stores, especially if you’re working with a large chain. In Menu Designer, you can save and assign creative themes to different menus for consistent branding.

Update pricing and seasonal menu items

With Menuzen, you can update the details of menu items as often as you need across multiple sites. As well as that, our Menu Manager is effective for planning and introducing seasonal menus and items to your customer base.

Reduce perceived wait times for customers

Through your custom URL, QR code or website, Menuzen lets your customers browse your live menu online while waiting in line. Not only does it reduce perceived wait times and keep customers happy, but it also makes ordering a breeze.

Ideal for franchises

Small business owners who run one-off quick-service restaurants such as a small kebab shop likely have a small budget. With Menuzen being 100% free and simple to use, it’s their desired online tool for menu management.

Menuzen is perfect for marketing managers working for a large franchise with many store locations around the country. As they need to ensure branding is consistent and all departments are consulted, they’ve made Menuzen their platform of choice.

Think of customers who visit their favourite cafe every day and love to order their favourite toastie with their coffee. With this food item often selling out, it’s great to be able to check the live menu to see what’s available.

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