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Menu Revenue Management

Menu Revenue Management

Maximize revenue and profitability by having around the clock control over your menus.

Quickly make updates to items and pricing, and adjust your menu to reflect changes in increases in staff pay and inventory. 

Real-time menu updates as you need them. Streamline the process of passing on costs to your customer.
Make more money and move inventory faster with dynamic pricing and items. Run promotions and boost sales in an instant.
The next level of automated pricing management. Easily schedule increases or decreases or make bulk price changes across entire menus.
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Empower yourself to manage your menu efficiently and effectively with Menuzen. Balance design and pricing responsibilities with your team or agency, and take control of your menu in no time.
Boost your revenue and ensure profitability with our flexible item manager. Easily reflect increased staffing costs on national holidays on your menu, giving you control over your pricing and making sure you get the compensation you deserve.

By simply Increasing your business profits with just a small 2.5% margin boost on a $500k annual turnover, equals an extra $12,500 in pure profit.

That's a holiday, renovation, or a personal bonus!