Key features

Save time and money, be in control of your menus

Create and manage your digital menus from your mobile phone

Simplified creation with unique zone editing

Professionally designed templates by Menu Experts

No website needed. Let your menu be your website

New features and products added regularly

Free forever, no credit card required

No design or technical skills required

Increase your digital presence with Menuzen menu

Google friendly menus

No design or technical skills required


Create unlimited items with images, pricing, and more.

Add and update item images directly from your mobile phone

Basic recipe management

Manage variations, nutritional information, dietary labels and more

Item modifiers allow you to add options to items or categories

Manage groups of items easily by tagging them

You can connect the same item to multiple menus and easily update the price

Mark items out of stock instantly


Update pricing changes on menus no matter where they are

Manage multiple menus easily

Prepare seasonal menus or items, then share them when you are ready

Turn off/delete menus instantly

Update the styling of menus instantly. In one place, update logos or important imagery


Themes designed by professionals are regularly added

Premade templates can be easily customised with your logo, fonts, and colors

Easily switch between templates to see your menu in a different design

Business Managment

Add other team members and set account permissions

Real-time management of opening hours and business contact information

Manage multiple locations with ease

Get insight into your customers with analytics (Coming Soon)

Automated Marketing

Easily share on Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and more

Integration with Google My Business (Coming Soon)

Integration with Meta Business

Customer Viewing Experience

Your customers can view your menu creations on mobile, tablet and desktop

In just a few clicks you can share your menu on social media

Share your menu via QR code, URL link, or embedding options

No copying and pasting required, customers share your menu with ease

Currency Options

Language Translation (Coming soon)

Your customers can follow your social accounts from your menu

Link to all of your online ordering services

Link to your online reservation and booking services


Who is Menuzen?

Menuzen is an Australian-based company co-founded by a team of technology experts who service and assist hospitality businesses around the world. Collectively, our team’s experience stems over multiple decades.

We have had the privilege of deploying and managing some of the largest digital menu board hardware and software projects for renowned quick-service restaurant brands.

Our team is passionate about building solutions for business owners from all walks of life. From micro coffee shops and food trucks to international chains, we build collaborative software that helps all businesses grow and connect with their customers – without breaking the bank.

What is Menuzen?

Menuzen is a software company that was founded after many years of seeing how systems and software within businesses, particularly around menu management, have been executed poorly.

Menuzen combines 3 core components of software:

  • Free Menu Maker Tool
  • App Platform
  • Menuzen Connect - (coming in late 2023/early 2024)

We will continue to build and add features to the Menu Manager Tool – as well as new apps to the App Platform – that flows on to your customers to increase engagement, brand awareness, business efficiency and overall sales!

Why should I use Menuzen for my business?

Menuzen has just launched the first wave of products in 2022, which present our core menu manager tool to help businesses manage their menus online with ease.

We are focused on building further applications and products to suit what your business needs in this day and age. Our software is built with hard work and dedication. We thoroughly test and check every aspect and only release products we know will add value to you and your business. For every system we launch, we will aim to keep the running costs to a minimum to allow as much value back to your business!

Sneak peek: one of the apps we are working on is a tool to help you seamlessly add or manage digital menu boards to your business!

Our promise to you is to listen to what our customers’ wants and needs are. If there is demand for a particular app or feature we will work tirelessly to build this, test it with our customers and only release it when we believe it’s ready to be implemented into your business.

Menuzen has partnerships with leading global hardware and software companies. Through this, we aim to pioneer the future business tools for your restaurant, cafe, pub, food truck or juice bar – essentially, any business with a menu!

Will Menuzen work for my business?

Menuzen is designed to be used by any food and beverage service business with a menu. If your business needs a menu – even if you are still in the planning or ideation stage – our platform is perfect for you.

We will keep you posted with all the new apps we release and our first wave of users will be offered to test the products for free!

Will my data be private and safe?

Yes, your data is hosted securely in AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Your menu data will only be available to the public once you publish your menu live. Until then, the only people who can see your data are you and any team members added to your account.

Menuzen complies with the data protection laws and regulations of each region we operate in. We take data protection very seriously and focus on the security of how we collect, process, share, archive and delete your information.

The data that we collect from you during the signup process is information that is mostly public such as: your business name, address, email, contact number and menu items.

Who is Menuzen for? I am a designer who works for a restaurant client needing a menu solution - Can I use Menuzen?

Menuzen is for any business that uses or requires menus to highlight their services and product offerings. We also have customers who have their design and marketing agencies use our product to manage their menu on their website and social media platforms.

Within seconds, you can create your menu and template in Menuzen. From thereon, you can add your team to manage item pricing and updates, or take control of it yourself.

Essentially, anyone can use and manage Menuzen!

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