Collaborate with multi-user accounts

Elevate your team dynamic and keep things smooth sailing with Menuzen’s collaborative capabilities. After all, we believe two heads are better than one!

Create With Multiple Users

Add and manage multiple users

Be it the restaurant manager, chef, cafe waitstaff or marketing team, anyone can hop on board Menuzen. Just add in your new users and manage permissions to grant them the appropriate access.

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Collaborate and implement ideas

Some of the best solutions come from bouncing ideas off your team members. Whether you’re all on the premises or working remotely, everyone can get creative and contribute to your restaurant or cafe menu.

Allow your team to make changes

With Menuzen, you can give your team the power to manage and edit your live menu in your absence. This includes marking food items as ‘sold out’ or ‘out of stock’, and changing prices on the go.

Share your menu before going live

Why not share a preview link of your fully functioning menu before it’s published online? By doing so, you'll make sure all parties have their say in approving and finalising your menu.

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