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Searching for the online menu maker tool of your dreams? Menuzen gives you the freedom to create, store and edit your menus at zero cost.

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Store menu items
and details

Using Item Manager, create all your menu items and include detailed descriptions, price variations, dietary labels, photos and more. Create collections to help organise your items and find things quickly. There’s also a mass upload option to save yourself time!

Showcase item options
with modifiers

If your menus items have customisable options like flavours, toppings, or add-ons, Modifiers are the perfect solution. Create price-specific Modifier Groups like “Milk Options” or “Toppings” and apply them to items or categories in your menu.

Keep track of recipes
and ingredients

Your menu items aren’t just for show. In Menuzen, they also offer the amazing functionality of storing recipes and cooking methods, which your staff can access at all times.

Easily structure your menu

Our Menu Manager features a simple drag and drop interface to help you create your menu structure. For more effective organisation, that’s where our parent categories and subcategories come into play.

Store as many
menus as you like

Create and store multiple menus – on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis – to showcase your range of food and drink offerings. You’re welcome to swap and modify your menus as often as needed!

Make menu updates
on the go

Need to make changes to your live menu? With all your menu items stored in one central database, you can update your menu in a flash. Thanks to our technology, these changes will reflect immediately on your menu.

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