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There’s no denying that updating your menu can be a time-consuming task. That’s why we’ve taken things into our own hands by streamlining menu management for our users.

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Edit menu items 24/7

Menuzen users have flexibility to change the pricing, descriptions and photos of menu items while using our quick search function. No matter where your live menu appears online, your changes will be saved everywhere.

Restructure your menu

Whether you need to rearrange your seasonal menus, add weekly specials or introduce new items to keep your menu fresh, there’s no issue. Our Item Manager and Menu Manager tools are here to assist.

Design changes at your fingertips

There’s no need to pay a designer to amend or recreate your menu design for different applications. In our Menu Designer, you have the control and ease of changing the look and feel of your menus for free.

Maintain consistency across menus

Consistency is key. That’s why we offer the ability to apply the same theme to different menus. It’s especially convenient for catering businesses, cafeterias or pubs making daily or weekly updates to their menus!

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