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All done with creating your menu? Show the world your live menu anytime and anywhere through our extensive sharing options across multiple online platforms.

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Shareable URL

Share your menu on social media and directly to your customers with your own unique URL, optimised for mobile and desktop. They can then share it with their friends and family with the click of a button!

Platforms where you can share your URL include:


With websites being the main platform for businesses, it’s usually the first place people go to find your menu. Embed your live menu on your website to keep your customers informed. Any time you make a price change in your Item Manager, it will automatically be reflected on your embedded menu.

Platforms where you can embed your menu include:

QR code

Growing in popularity, QR codes are being used more at cafes and restaurants. Print your QR code for your customers to scan in-store so they can quickly view your menu, completely.

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Our digital menu design templates translate beautifully to print. Print your menu as a high-quality PDF – or share your menu as an image file to incorporate into your digital signage and social media.

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