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The pop-up scene is growing increasingly popular. If you’re running a pop-up food business like a food truck or market stall, our free menu creator tools can help your brand move forward.

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Easily adapt by updating your location

If you’re attending a range of different events, Menuzen gives you the flexibility 24/7 to update your next pop-up location in your business profile. Just share your menu online with your customers to let them know where you’ll next be.

Live update on pricing and items

Food trucks, markets and stalls operate in fast-paced environments, meaning you’ll need to pivot quickly to keep customers happy. All changes in Item Manager and Menu Manager are effective live, so your customers will know when popular items sell out.

Reinforce your brand

Consistent and creative branding will help you stand out from your competition as you start to appear at more events. Our eye-catching menu design themes – located in our Menu Designer – are sure to keep you top of mind.

Reduce wait times for customer satisfaction

For added convenience, customers can view your live menu online through your website, QR code or URL as they wait in line. By facilitating customer decision-making, you’ll be speeding up the ordering process too. It’s a win-win situation!

Perfect for Food Trucks & Kiosks

This is for the small business owners who operate their own food truck and do it all. Day to day, they manage, create menus, cook and serve customers. Thankfully, Menuzen helps them save time and easily manage their menus for free.

Customers can get frustrated when visiting a busy event with large crowds and countless food choices. Imagine queueing up only to find out items are sold out once you’ve reached the front! To solve this, Menuzen lets customers browse a live menu while they wait.

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