8 Fonts trending on Behance at the Moment

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Looking for the hottest fonts of the moment? Then look no further. The design team at Menuzen have compiled a list of the trendiest fonts featuring on Behance right now. Even better, all these incredible fonts are free for you to download.

1. SK Concretica

Designers : Tikhon Reztcov & Andrey Karter  

Concretica is an experimental typeface inspired by the works of great masters in type design such as Adrian Frutiger, Eric Spickerman and Claude Garamon. This beautifully designed typeface is worked out to the finest detail, with inspiration taken from geometry and modernism. Have a look at the rest of their high quality typography on their website.

Download it from Behance.

2. Casanova

Designers : Typetemp Studio

Casanova is an elegant serif font created by Typetemp Studio. Recommended for logos and wedding invitations. This quality font is a perfect addition to your next project.

Download it from Behance.

3. Luam

Designer: Patricia Castro Vazquez

A versatile sans serif font with italic and halftone styles that is the perfect addition to your projects. The rounded angles are ideal for readability and adding strength to your work.

Download it from Behance.

4. Shrimp

Designer: Anton Darri Palmarsson

Shrimp is a geometric, universal sans font. Playful and modern with a Grotesk feel (Akzidenz-Grotesk typeface inspiration). Designed as a strong, stylish letterform that works well for posters and any eye catching headlines.

Download it from Behance.

5. Glamour Absolute

Designer: Anton Darri Palmarsson

Introducing Glamour Absolute a bold serif typeface with a modern take on a vintage style font. Play around with your letter spacing to create a different style, select the opentype features to view the selection of alternate letters and ligatures to achieve the classical vintage retro look.  

Download it from Behance.

6. Gelosa Cara

Designer: Pietro Filippeschi

This retro font was designed by Pietro Filippeshci. Coming in two uppercase font styles: Regular and Regular Condensed. With strong inspirations from classic film typography. Could this be the next font for your project?

Download it from Behance.

7. Good Hood

Designer: Eduard Pocket

A script font made for logos and headlines. Are you looking for a magical, retro feel? Then look no further Good Hood is the font for you. With the option between regular and alternate ligatures you can style and individualise your design work.

Download it from Behance.

8. Crafter

Designer: 1871 Project

A ‘free forever’ vintage font. Taking inspiration from vintage metal signs and sign painters. A great option for headlines or logos, not recommended for large bodies of text.

Download it from Behance.