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How To Share Your Menu During COVID-19
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How To Share Your Menu During COVID-19

How To Share Your Menu During COVID-19

Rachel Yeo
April 24, 2023
5 min read

Since the onset of COVID-19, businesses all around the world have been disrupted – with food and beverage establishments, in particular, struggling to keep their doors open.

With the majority of business generated through dine-ins, restaurants, cafes and pubs establishments have been forced to adapt in the midst of the global pandemic. In saying that, we’re excited to present to you the best contact-free way to share your menu with customers.

Whether you’re open for dine-in with a reduced capacity or only providing takeaway services, Menuzen is here to revolutionise your customer experience.

Introducing Menuzen

As the world’s first live menu management system, Menuzen operates on a central database – meaning all updates are instantly made effective across your online menus.

To make things even better, Menuzen also functions as a free menu creator with fuss-free design tools – all neatly packaged into one. With creative and elegant design templates on offer, no design experience is necessary.

There are even collaborative capabilities on Menuzen granted through multi-user access, so you and your team contribute while being on the same wavelength.

Best of all, it’s completely free to sign up to and use, with no hidden or future costs.

Website Embedding

It goes without saying, but websites are one of the first places customers go to find out important details about your business. Menus are no exception to this rule. To facilitate this, Menuzen lets you share your restaurant or cafe menu by embedding it on your website. Simply copy and paste the widget code produced by Menuzen to provide your customers with a seamless viewing experience on mobile and desktop.

Shareable URL

One of the most simple ways to share your menu is by providing your customers with a link to it. Once you’ve created, designed and published your menu, Menuzen generates your own unique URL. This remains consistent no matter how often you update your live menu. From there, you can share your URL on your restaurant’s social media – where your customers can stay connected. To share your menu with family and friends, all your customers have to do is use your link.

QR Code

Another handy way to share your menus is through QR codes. Thanks to Menuzen, customers can scan your QR code in-store or online to view your menu on their device in a matter of seconds. Not only does this innovative method ensure a convenient and contactless viewing experience, but it also prevents patrons from having to touch menus that might otherwise be filled with germs.

Start Sharing Your Menus Through Menuzen

Now that you know all about Menuzen and its range of sharing options, you can continue running your restaurant, pub or cafe with peace of mind. It’s simple – sign up to Menuzen and get started!

Create and share your first live menu now!

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