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Is Facebook or Instagram your free restaurant website template?
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Is Facebook or Instagram your free restaurant website template?

Is Facebook or Instagram your free restaurant website template?

Dylan Holtzhausen
April 24, 2023
5 min read

Millions of businesses around the world rely on Facebook to power their business online presence and provide a way for the general public to discover and interact with your services and products online. 

In particular food service businesses rely on social platforms to connect with their customers and provide updates of latest dishes or promotions. 

Due to the sheer amount of users across Facebook and Instagram your restaurant must get setup with a business page on each platform to ensure social media channels are covered. 

Getting setup with a Facebook Restaurant Business Page is easier than most think and it's important not to confuse with a regular Facebook page.

A Facebook business page allows you as a the business owner to provide the following information to your customers:

  • List basic contact information
  • Engage and connect with existing and new customers
  • Understand and listen to your customers through reviews and comments
  • Improve SEO and boost your web traffic

Overall making it easier to find your business online. 

Setting up a Facebook for Business account for your restaurant can be done in 4 steps which is explained below.

How to create a Facebook Business Page for your food business as a free website restaurant template.

With the insight into how having a Facebook page for your restaurant, bar, cafe, food truck, market stall or quick service restaurant can benefit your business, it’s time to start creating a page. We have helped condense steps below to make this process as easy and understandable as possible for all business owners.

1. Create your Facebook Business Page for your Restaurant.

Step one in starting a Facebook Restaurant page is to make sure you’re putting in place the proper form of account. It is important to remember the fact that you're starting a Facebook Business Page for your Restaurant, no longer a personal Facebook profile.

A Facebook Business Page lets a business share its latest news, photos, and updates with its fans and customers. A Facebook Profile, on the other hand, is the account most people use to share photos and updates with friends and family. 

Here is a link to Meta’s Set Up a Facebook Business Page to get started.

2. Complete your profile through asking questions related to your food service business.

Follow the on-screen instructions to create a Facebook Business Page. It asks for some information when you create a Page, like a category, your business name, address, and phone number. For customers to recognize your Page and find information about your business, it's crucial to include as much information as possible.

3. Add imagery and branding.

A Facebook Business Page lets you upload a profile photo and a cover photo. You should do this since attractive graphics and a visual brand get more customer engagement. 

4. Complete the sections on the page.

You can add many Facebook Page sections, but not every section will be right for your business. Adding the following sections would be a wise idea:

  • Home: In this section, you will find all of your updates and posts. When users visit your Page, this is the first section they see.

  • About: The About section of your Facebook Page is one of the most important parts. Provide details about your restaurant, contact information, hours of operation, and website URL. People go online to find specific information about a restaurant. Don't let your potential hungry customers down by leaving this page blank.

  • Community: The Community section is where customers can post photos and videos of food or their experience to your food truck or restaurant dine in service. Your audience will enjoy learning more about your food and offerings and interacting with you here.

  • Events: This section allows you to create event pages and promote upcoming events. When you create a Facebook event, you will be able to invite people and share specific information about it.

  • Ads: You can add advertising to your Page in this section. Whenever you run Facebook ads, it shows your followers.

  • Offers: This is an easy way to encourage people to come to your Facebook Page. Ask customers to like your Page and grow your audience as you share posts and offers.

  • Posts: Here you can see all your posts, including timeline photos and updates.

  • Reviews: Customers can write reviews under the Reviews tab and tell you if they'd recommend your restaurant. Your ratings appear at the top. It's okay to hide the Reviews tab, but you might not want to, since it gives you and potential clients valuable feedback. Customer reviews help verify your restaurant and service and make it easy for people to recommend you which is critical when customers make a decision on eating out.

  • Services: Let people know what you do in this section. Add photos, descriptions, and prices about your specialties.

  • Photos: Under the Photos tab, you can see the images you've posted to your timeline. This is important as there is nothing more appealing than seeing a quality shot of your signature dish!

And just like that, you have your Facebook Business Page setup for your restaurant or any food service business. 

Another way to compliment your business and especially towards a younger audience is marketing your restaurant through Instagram.

We share more information about how to get set up with an Instagram account for your restaurant below.

How to create an Instagram Business Account for your food business.

The time has come to begin creating your Instagram Business Account for your restaurant, bar, cafe, food truck, market stall, or quick service restaurant. In order to make this process as simple and understandable as possible for all business owners, we have condensed the steps below.

1. Download the Instagram app on your mobile phone.

Go to the Instagram website or download the Instagram app on your phone to get started. 

Getting an Instagram account is as simple as downloading the app and clicking "Create New Account", or opening the desktop version ( and following the same steps:

2. Create your Instagram Business Account

Fill out the form with your email address (use a business email address), restaurant name, username, and password. 

If you're on Facebook, you can sign up too. This might be a worthwhile option if you already have a business Facebook account. 

Your username should be your company name, and your password should follow all recommended guidelines.

3. Switch from a personal account to a business account.

Having set up your profile, it's time to switch it to a business account. 

In your profile, click the three lines in the top right corner:

In the navigation menu, click "Settings".

Click "Account" on the Settings page.

Last but not least, click "Switch to Professional Account".

When you get this far, you'll see an option to switch to a "Creator" or "Business" account. Creator accounts are meant to be used by influencers, public figures, or content creators. As a restaurant, food truck or any food service business we highlight recommend selecting "Business".

Select your restaurant type, complete any remaining business information and you are on your way to have your Instagram Business Account for your restaurant setup and ready to grow a hungry audience. 

Following this setup there are many ways you can begin with growing your business across Instagram and Facebook. Start by ensuring all information is accurate and start posting some delicious photos of your restaurant's offering and watch your customer base grow.

To compliment your social media platforms, having a website profile for your business is highly recommended. 

With so many platforms and services available to choose from it comes down to budget, time and energy for you to initially create a website and provide a level of dedication to maintaining it. 

In the next section of this article we provide you as a food service business owner the ability to have a restaurant linking website that is as powerful as a professionally created website but as simple and easy to manage as your social media platforms.

Don’t rely only on social media for your restaurant or food service business. A website is a must!

Although social media is an amazing way to connect with audiences and a must have for any restaurant it is not and shouldn't be your only means of communication and online presence. 

“Did you know that less than 18% of the world population is using Instagram on a monthly basis?

Facebook and Instagram should be looked at as a suite of marketing services and tools for your business and falling into this category is a website.

Keeping this easy and simple is a must as a busy restaurant owner you want to spend time in the kitchen, with your team and relaxing and limit time behind the computer updating websites or spending your hard earned money on website updates with development agencies. allows you a simple linking site that has been designed to facilitate business owners needs which means you can get a website setup from your phone in minutes.
With tons of themes to select from and each theme being fully customisable there is a template available to suit your restaurant's style and needs. 

Add your business profile and all important opening hour information - best of all update these on the go from your mobile in seconds while you are on the go. This is perfect for closing up shop early, going away for the weekend or shutting down your business over the holidays. Keep your customers updated and information at all times, reliably and accurately. allows you to add your link across all social media platforms as well as being google friendly meaning for free you get your very own website link that can help build your business.

The platform has been designed with your customers in mind, taking out the nitty gritty details of the website and getting straight down to business with reliable and quality information such as opening hours, location, delivery options, booking options, contact information and more!

Interact and reach your customers faster than ever before with a website that hungry customers love!

Get started for free and secure your in minutes!

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