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Signs Your Restaurant Needs An Update
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Signs Your Restaurant Needs An Update

Signs Your Restaurant Needs An Update

Rachel Yeo
April 24, 2023
5 min read

Whether you’re the owner of a small neighbourhood restaurant or the fanciest restaurant on the strip, keeping your establishment up-to-date is necessary for maintaining and attracting new business.

Now, we aren’t referring to constant renovations or creative dishes released on a weekly basis – but rather, the overall demeanour of your restaurant. Here are a few tell-tale signs that your restaurant needs an update:

Limited Payment Methods

If your restaurant only takes cash, that’s your first red flag!

Even if you accept debit card and credit card payments, it’s the current standard for food and beverage establishments to offer a comprehensive range of payment options – from Apple Pay to Eftpos.

While we may not transition entirely to a cashless society anytime soon, contactless tap-and-go payments have increasingly become the norm thanks to the global pandemic. As such, diverse payment methods mean you can adhere to recommended health guidelines while catering to a wide demographic of customers.

Outdated Furnishings and Design

Outdated furnishings and design is the most noticeable indication that your restaurant is in dire need of an update.

As a restaurant owner, it is your duty to regularly maintain the look and function of your furnishings. Wonky tables and uncomfortable chairs can leave a sour taste in customers’ mouths, even when you know your food is to die for.

Moreover, structural wear-and-tear such as cracks, loose floorboards and chipped paint only reflect poorly on your restaurant. As soon as you notice these faults, it’s time to make some repair arrangements.

No Online Presence

If your restaurant doesn’t exist on Google or social media, it may as well not exist!

Google My Business and popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the first places customers turn to when doing their research online. Whether it’s finding out about your opening hours, checking your dietary options or simply browsing your menu, having an online presence is essential when running your food business.

Not only do these platforms offer visibility for your restaurant, but they also let you market yourself directly to your customers – which is a powerful feat in itself. To get started, check out our list of free digital channels you should use to market your restaurant.

Elusive And/Or Old Menus

Imagine customers pulling up your menu on your website only to find out it dates back to 2010 – or even worse, customers having to look everywhere for your menu to no avail. With that said, a hard-to-find menu is equally as bad as an outdated one.

As a restaurant owner, the last thing you want is to keep your customers guessing. At any point, your customer should have access to an updated and professional menu that gets them excited about your food and drink offerings.

If you don’t have an easy way for your customers to view your menu, you’re already losing customers to your competitors.

Menuzen – Live Menu Management System

Menuzen is the latest free menu maker tool that ensures your menu is up-to-date and easy to find online.

Not only does Menuzen give you the freedom to create, manage and design your very own menu, but it also lets you publish and display it live via your own unique URL or QR code. If you’re worried about your design skills, there’s no need to panic – we’ve got a variety of free elegant menu templates for you to choose from!

Using cloud-based software, Menuzen effectively lets you store all of your menu items and menus on file and make changes whenever necessary. Best of all, these changes appear on your live menu instantly – meaning your customers can keep on top of your menu 24/7.

Start creating and designing your live menu now!

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