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What Every Restaurant Needs On Their Website
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What Every Restaurant Needs On Their Website

What Every Restaurant Needs On Their Website

Rachel Yeo
April 24, 2023
5 min read

Your website could easily make or break a customer’s decision to step foot in your restaurant. In order to accurately convey your restaurant and convert your website traffic into paying customers, it is imperative for you to have the following elements on your website:

Business Details

A website is nothing without the right information. One of the primary reasons customers turn to your website is to find out how and when to get there. If any information doesn’t line up across various channels, be forewarned: that’s an issue in itself you’ll need to fix!

Be sure to include and update these details regularly on your website:

  • Address and directions – If your restaurant is hard to find, it may be best to note down some handy directions.
  • Operating hours – Don’t forget to consider public holidays and any other occasions where you might be closed or have extended trading hours.
  • Phone number –. Customers will get frustrated if your restaurant isn’t picking up calls, so ensure this phone line is tended to regularly.
  • Point of contact – Provide an email address or a contact form for any business or customer inquiries.
  • Social media – Social media is another great way for customers to connect with your brand. With that said, here are the digital channels we suggest being on!

Your Story

Beyond the basic details about your business, customers are always interested to hear your story. Perhaps your restaurant was born out of your passion for sustainability, or your desire to show the world the wonders of fusion cuisine. Either way, a compelling human interest story is certainly a powerful one! By revealing its origins and the team behind it, you can show your customers what makes your restaurant unique.

Engaging Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s recommended that you showcase your very best photos on your website. Whether it’s a gallery of food images or a glimpse into your restaurant’s impressive interior, people are instantly drawn in by high-quality visuals. Not only should your photos give an insight into what your restaurant offers, but it should also capture the atmosphere of a lively night in your restaurant. 

Your Menu

Last but not least, your menu is an absolute must-have on your website. If your menu is elusive or appears to be outdated, new customers may be deterred from dining at your restaurant. Aside from your drink and food offerings, you should also mention:

  • Specials and offers – It’s been scientifically proven that a good deal increases one’s happiness. By displaying your current deals and discounts, you’ll attract even more customers to your restaurant.
  • Nutritional information – This is useful for any health-savvy customers you might have.
  • Allergens and dietary labels – Let your customers know that your menu accommodates a wide range of dietary needs. This will make them more inclined to visit your restaurant.

If your menu fails to include any of these key components or needs to be reworked, don’t fret!

With free online menu creators like Menuzen, you can design an elegant and professional menu with ease. As well as that, Menuzen’s cloud-based software allows you to update your menu at any time – with all changes reflected on your website in seconds.

Learn more about Menuzen or try it yourself here!

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