Where To Position Your Restaurant's QR Code

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QR codes have become increasingly popular in the global pandemic, with businesses utilising them to make contactless deliveries and payments smoother.

With the launch of Menuzen, businesses around the world will soon be able to take their menu viewing experience to the next level. Luckily, it just so happens that your business is amongst the first to experience our revolutionary technology.

Now that you’ve received your custom QR code stickers, you might be wondering where the best places are to put them! Here are our suggestions:

Ordering Counter

With the ongoing pandemic, your QR code presents the perfect contactless menu viewing experience. Simply paste your QR code somewhere immediately visible at your ordering counter. Scanning it may not be the first thought on your customers’ minds, so be sure to get your staff to prompt customers. As well as observing social distancing practices, it also adds a fun interactive element – setting your restaurant apart from the rest. 

Dining Tables

If your restaurant welcomes dine-ins, placing your QR code on each of your table settings is a novel idea. As soon as customers get settled in, they can use their devices to scan in and view your menu at their leisure. With reduced physical contact between staff and customers, your guests can have more peace of mind due to a lesser risk of transmission.

Shop Windows

Displaying your QR code in your shop window is one of the best ways to let your menu gain visibility. Not only will passers-by be drawn in by your restaurant’s exterior, but they may also pause to examine your QR code. In viewing your restaurant menu, they’ll quite literally be window shopping!

Neighbouring Streets

Take your menu marketing to the streets by pasting your QR codes on bulletin boards, traffic signal posts and areas with high foot traffic – where permitted, of course! For this to be as effective as possible, these QR codes should be accompanied by a unique call-to-action – such as ‘Scan for 10% off your next Mexican feast’ – and located in the surrounding streets of your restaurant. You can also provide directions to your restaurant to gamify the experience.

Digital Signage

The digital signage market is constantly growing in the billions, and there’s no wonder why. With the ability to display virtually anything you like, businesses are using digital signage to get creative with their ads. Those in the hospitality industry are no different. So if you’re thinking of adding digital signage to your marketing strategy, don’t forget to include your QR code in your campaign. Ask our team at Menuzen for guidance and we’ll be happy to help out!