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Why An Up-To-Date Menu Is Important In 2021
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Why An Up-To-Date Menu Is Important In 2021

Why An Up-To-Date Menu Is Important In 2021

Rachel Yeo
April 24, 2023
5 min read

Whether you’re running a restaurant, cafe, pub or food takeaway shop, keeping your menu up-to-date at all times should be one of your highest priorities.

By doing so, your business will stand to have a competitive advantage. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Promoting Specials & Offers

Who doesn’t love a bargain? As it goes without saying, customers are attracted to special deals – meaning there will always be a handful eager to find out what your restaurant, cafe or pub might offer. Therefore, an easy-to-read and updated menu design means that people can learn about your daily or weekly food specials, as well as great-value offers like:

  • 2 For 1 Coffees
  • Happy Hour Drinks
  • 20% Off Your Bill on Mondays
  • Kids Eat For Free

2. Reliability For Your Customers

Imagine this scenario: a customer has checked out your menu on your website and is likely heading in with the excitement of trying one of your menu items. However, to their disappointment, they’ve found out your menu is completely different to the one they found online. It can be a costly business mistake to let down your customers with a menu featuring items that are no longer available. That’s why keeping your menu up-to-date across all channels (e.g. website, social media) is key!

3. Price Transparency

Every dollar counts – making price transparency a paramount factor for customers looking to dine in. Whether it’s a public holiday surcharge, a corkage fee or additional costs, your menu design should include these small but vital details as much as possible. Not to mention, with fluctuating food costs and higher demand for certain ingredients, you may also want to update your prices to reflect these changes.  

4. Food Availability

The availability of certain items on your menu can be entirely dependent on the season or even worse – subject to unprecedented shipping issues. With that said, your customers should be the first to know if a menu item is no longer available. The same rule applies if you’ve managed to successfully run out of a popular menu item. Pro-tip: if you’ve sold out an item, labelling it on your menu can effectively increase demand!

5. Adding New Items Regularly

Switching your menu up can keep things interesting for regular customers –  which in turn, has been proven to fuel repeat business. This is because people are naturally drawn to new items. As such, refreshing your menu design from time to time can help your business to stand out amongst the rest. Plus, part of the fun is experimenting with new ideas, trying creative food trends and reinventing simple or old menu items. Just make sure you share your changes to your online audience to get the word out!

Choose Menuzen – A Menu That Updates Live

If the one thing standing in your way of taking our advice is the hassle of change, there’s a solution. Introducing Menuzen, the world’s first live menu maker app – that’s 100% free!

Menuzen makes it easier than ever to keep your customers informed about your restaurant or cafe’s menu. Whether it’s adding, editing or removing menu items – or advertising specials and marking items out-of-stock – we’ve got you covered.

With free elegant templates and intuitive menu creator tools, you can design your own online menu or menu card with no professional design experience necessary.

Get started by signing up for your free Menuzen account!

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