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How To Create A Menu For Your Food Truck
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How To Create A Menu For Your Food Truck

How To Create A Menu For Your Food Truck

Rachel Yeo
April 24, 2023
5 min read

Running a food truck business is no easy feat – and if you’re anything like us, we’re always on the hunt for new ways to improve the operations of those in the hospitality industry.

When it comes to creating your food truck menu, we understand all the time and money that goes into hiring a designer and making costly updates from time to time. In developing Menuzen, we’ve constructed our online menu creator software entirely around these pain points. 

Introducing Menuzen

Serving as both an online menu maker and management system, Menuzen is here to make your life easier. Even better, it’s entirely free to use forever! 

In using Menuzen, you have the freedom to:

  • Create menus by firstly uploading your items and descriptions onto Item Manager.
  • Design creative, elegant-looking menus in Menu Designer.
  • Share your menu through your website, social media, URL or QR code. The last option allows customers to quickly access your live menu on their devices as they queue up. 
  • Manage your menu in a snap every time you need to make updates to your prices, items or weekly specials. There’s no delay period as all changes are live and instant!
  • Collaborate on menu creation and management with your team via multi-user access.

Tips For Creating & Designing Your Menu

Now that you’re up-to-speed with Menuzen’s capabilities, here is our advice compiling and designing your food truck menu:

  • Evocative item descriptions – Instead of listing out every ingredient, you could also embrace sensory language and adjectives in your descriptions. For example, ‘paella’ could instead be written down as ‘Spanish paella with succulent prawns and smoky chorizo’.
  • Let customers visualise your food – Hungry customers are especially visual people, so give them what they want! You can add photos when uploading your menu items on Item Manager.
  • Keep it manageable – While it’s great to have something for everyone, we recommend keeping your menu down to signature dishes that you can realistically reproduce during peak times. Most food trucks have an average of 5 to 12 different menu items.
  • Ease of preparation – Compared to a restaurant, you’re working under more time pressures with a smaller kitchen and fewer staff. As such, your dishes must be easy to prepare. A valuable tip is to use your ingredients in more than one dish to prevent food wastage and reduce costs.
  • Save time on menu design – Why not take advantage of Menuzen’s free menu templates? Instead of making you spend hours poring over your layout, margins and fonts, Menuzen simplifies the process. We’ve already perfected the fine details, so all you have to do is pick a template best suited to your business. 
  • Get customising – Part of the fun of Menuzen is showing off your unique brand. In the My Business section, you can upload your custom logo and brand colours which will be incorporated into your final menu. This will ensure that you maintain brand consistency across all channels.

Sign Up To Menuzen Today

With all this in mind, we know you’re just itching to get started!

Sign up to Menuzen and you’ll be creating and designing your food truck menu within minutes. As well as that, you can make full use of its menu management functionalities to effectively run your food truck business day-to-day.

Learn more about Menuzen’s features here:

  • Item Manager
  • Menu Designer
  • Menu Manager

Create your first live menu for your food truck!

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