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Brewery Menu Template

Selecting the ideal brewery menu template for beer lovers

Craft beer is one of the most popular boozy trends in the world, and when it comes to running a successful brewery, having a well-designed and organised menu is critical. However, not everyone has the time or budget to hire a professional designer to create a custom menu. With a free menu maker like Menuzen, you can quickly customise an existing brewery menu template and make it your own.

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Brewery Menu Template

Brewery Menu Template

Selecting the ideal brewery menu template for beer lovers

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Creating a digital menu can demand a lot of time and effort, preventing you from focusing on other vital tasks. However, this is not the case when you work with Menuzen’s free menu templates. With customisable and easy-to-use pre-designed food and drink menu templates, you can gather all the details about your beer and dishes selection into one attractive but informational menu. For example, Menuzen’s customisable template options include columns for beer type, name, IBU level, ABV level, and several other descriptors that you can use depending on how much detail you want to include. You also can customise colours, fonts, logo placements and more to fit your brand’s aesthetic. Best of all, you don’t need any coding expertise or design skills — with just your content and a few clicks, you can create an impressive-looking menu.

You can easily tweak any brewery free menu template on Menuzen using any device connected to the internet. This means you can initiate the design process on your PC and continue on mobile, allowing you to make changes on the go. Even more, this allows for swift and seamless menu updates to keep up with customer demand and adjust your offerings as needed. The menus are also highly responsive, meaning anyone can view them from any device — mobile or desktop. By regularly updating and re-inventing your menu, you can stay one step ahead of the competition and ensure that your customers always have something new to try. This flexible menu customisation feature also means you can maintain a dynamic and exciting menu that keeps your customers returning for more.

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Another great Menuzen perk is that it allows you to include live business information on your menu. This means customers can always stay alert to changes in your working hours during holidays or festivities without having to call to confirm. Also, when you create a brewery menu on Menuzen, your final menu design can serve as a mini storefront for your drink spot. In other words, customers can make orders and book reservations right from your menu. This is an extra means of securing income before customers even visit your brewery. There are also slots to input your social and messenger links on your menu, providing customers with a surefire way of reaching you, should they decide to change their orders.

One of Menuzen’s key features is the unique link assigned to your brewery menu design, allowing easy customer access. This is a great way to increase engagement with your customers, as you can send them the link, enabling them to interact directly with your menu through their devices. Not only does this help build trust and loyalty between customers and businesses, but it also makes it super easy to keep updating and changing menu items without reprinting menus or communicating changes via email or social media. By creating an easy-to-share link, you slash the overhead costs of menu design. Plus, you get to focus more on pinpointing unique items that your customers will love! If you're looking for something along similar lines to our beer menu template, take a peek at our drinks menu template.

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How to design a brewery menu?

If you're looking for some brewery menu design ideas, there are a few things to consider including the following:

  • Think about the flow of the menu. Are your items easy to find? Do your categories stand out from one another? Is something unique about your menu organisation that will set it apart from other venues? If there isn’t, make sure you add one. You may draw some insights from our bar menu template.
  • Choose an appropriate theme for your brand. These design elements can be great visual representations if your restaurant has a certain vibe. You can also use fonts and colour palettes to tie everything together and create an aesthetic that works with your brand.
  • Ensure you have enough images to illustrate each menu item and make them stand out! Try using high-quality photos of each dish, so customers know what they’re getting before placing their order!
  • Test out different layout options — this allows you to play around with space, positioning, and sizing until everything looks right on the page!

What are the 3 most common brewery dishes?

It’s always a great idea to couple a fizzy glass of beer with a flavour-packed meal, and we’ve outlined the three most popular options below for some great menu ideas and beer and food pairings.

1. Pickled Onion Jaffle/Grilled Cheese

A freshly pickled onion grilled cheese is a popular food item often found on the food menu at breweries and pubs. It’s a twist on the classic grilled cheese sandwich with tangy pickled onions for added flavour and texture. To pickle the onions, thinly slice red onions and put them into a mixture of heated vinegar, sugar, water and salt. Leave to cool for at least 2 hours. Assemble the sandwich by layering cheddar cheese and the pickled onions between two slices of bread, and grill until the cheese is melted and the bread is crispy. Serve hot alongside a refreshing pale ale, and consider including a great pic of it in your brewery menu design. Check out our BBQ menu template for other grilled food options.

2. Hoppy Hush Puppies

These fried cornmeal fritters are commonly served as a side dish or snack in breweries and other casual dining settings. They’re typically made by mixing cornmeal, flour, baking powder, salt, eggs, beer, and sometimes chopped jalapeno peppers or other seasonings to form a thick batter. The batter is then shaped into small balls or flattened disks and fried until golden brown and crispy outside. The beer in the batter adds a subtle hoppy flavour and helps create a light, airy texture.

3. Spicy Hot Wings

This chicken dish is popular in many breweries for its delicious flavour and ability to pair well with beer. The wings are typically deep-fried and coated in a spicy sauce made from hot sauce, butter, and other seasonings such as garlic and paprika. To make this dish, start by mixing the sauce — combine hot sauce, melted butter, garlic, and paprika in a bowl. Then, deep fry the chicken wings until they’re crispy and golden brown. Once the wings are cooked, toss them in the sauce mixture until fully coated. Finally, serve the wings with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing to help cool down the heat from the spicy sauce.

What are the ideal dishes to accompany a beer?

The following dishes are some of the top favourites among beer lovers:

1. Loaded Waffle Fries

This delicious appetiser or snack pairs perfectly with beer. The crispy waffle fries are topped with melted cheese, crispy bacon, fresh green onions, and a dollop of sour cream. To make loaded waffle fries, start by cooking waffle fries according to package instructions. In the meantime, cook some chopped bacon until crispy. Once the fries are done, transfer them to a large plate or serving platter and sprinkle some shredded cheese on them. Place the plate of fries under the broiler until the cheese is melted and bubbly. Top the fries with the crispy bacon and chopped green onions, adding a dollop of sour cream over it. Serve immediately alongside a glass of cold beer, and capture a picture for inclusion in your chosen brewery menu template.

2. Buttermilk Chicken Burger

This tasty and filling sandwich pairs well with beer, thanks to its savoury flavours and juicy texture. Fried food is always such a winner in a brewery. To make a buttermilk chicken burger, start by marinating chicken breasts in buttermilk, paprika, salt and pepper for at least a few hours and then coat them in a mixture of flour, herbs, and breadcrumbs. Fry the chicken until golden brown and crispy, and assemble it on a toasted bun with your choice of toppings, such as lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayonnaise. See our fried chicken menu template for even more chicken dishes.

3. Bacon, Mac ‘n’ Cheese Croquettes

This delicious and indulgent appetiser is perfect for snacking while sipping a glass of beer. The combination of creamy mac and cheese with crispy bacon, coated in a crunchy breadcrumb exterior, creates a savoury and satisfying snack that complements the bitterness of a beer. To make bacon, mac ‘n’ cheese croquettes start by preparing a batch of macaroni and cheese (make a roux, add milk and cheese until the desired consistency), mixing in chopped bacon pieces. Allow the mixture to cool, and shape it into bite-sized balls. Coat the balls in flour, egg, breadcrumbs, and deep-fry until golden and crispy. Lastly, serve the croquettes hot and crispy, garnished with fresh herbs or a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

What are the key flavours of brewery food?

Outlined below are some of the essential flavours stacked in brewery foods as well as those dishes and ingredients that feature them:

  • Smoky: The smoky flavour in bacon can be attributed to the curing process used to preserve the meat. In the mac ‘n’ cheese croquettes dish, a smoky flavour can come from smoked paprika or liquid smoke.
  • Cheesy: The mac ‘n’ cheese croquettes are loaded with cheese, giving them a rich and savoury flavour.
  • Spicy: Buttermilk chicken burger may contain spicy mayo or a hot sauce, while hoppy hush puppies contain jalapeno peppers or cayenne pepper.
  • Savoury: The savoury flavour in loaded waffle fries can come from toppings such as bacon, cheese, and gravy.
  • Sweet: Again, loaded waffle fries may contain sweet toppings such as maple syrup, while hoppy hush puppies may contain honey or sugar in the batter.

What is typical food to serve at a brewery?

Beer-battered Cajun fries are a typical brewery dish that consists of crispy, battered French fries seasoned with Cajun spices. To prepare this dish, potatoes are cut into thin strips and coated in a mixture of flour, Cajun seasoning, and beer. They’re then deep-fried until crispy and golden brown, resulting in a deliciously crispy and flavorful dish. Beer-battered Cajun fries are often served as a side dish or appetiser at breweries and other casual dining establishments. They pair well with light beer such as hoppy IPAs and light lagers.

How do I create a brewery menu layout?

An easily navigable brewery food or beer menu should feature a clear and organised layout. Consider sectioning the menu into categories like beers, wings, sandwiches, burgers, etc.

The menu should be visually appealing and use high-quality images to showcase the dishes and drinks. It should also include clear and concise descriptions of each item, including ingredients and preparation methods.

You can also split your menu into different categories for each type of beer, such as brown ales, amber ales, stouts, lagers, etc.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the brand’s overall aesthetic and incorporate elements that reflect its style and personality. This can include using brand colours, typography, and graphics to create a cohesive look and feel throughout the menu. Overall, a well-designed brewery menu should be easily read, visually appealing, and reflect the brand’s identity and offerings.

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