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Coffee Shop Menu Template

The perfect coffee shop menu template for showcasing your drinks & snacks

If you’re making coffee and other hot drinks, you know that having a great menu is one of the essential tools of the trade. It makes it easier for customers to choose what they want and serves as an advertisement for your business. However, creating a great coffee shop menu isn’t as complicated as you might think — especially with Menuzen. Menuzen is a free menu maker that allows you to easily customise a pre-designed free coffee shop menu template.

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Coffee Shop Menu Template

Coffee Shop Menu Template

The perfect coffee shop menu template for showcasing your drinks & snacks

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Did you know Menuzen’s free restaurant menu templates can benefit your coffee shop in several ways? Namely, you can customise and tweak your chosen template to suit the style of your cafe — you can draw some inspiration from our free cafe menu template. You don’t need any design skills and don’t need to hire a professional designer to get the look you want. Plus, creating a digital menu is quick and easy — no more printing costs or messy handwriting on chalkboards. A custom digital menu will help you engage with customers and make it easier for them to remember what your coffee shop offers. When you create a coffee shop menu on Menuzen, you can easily switch up the font and colour palette, add photos of each dish or drink item, and create categories for products like coffee, food, and dessert. Moreover, descriptions of each item will enhance the customer’s dining experience as they better understand what’s offered.

Menuzen provides a straightforward way to customise its menu templates without any technical experience. You can easily add, delete or rearrange elements using the editor to make the perfect menu design. This includes adding pictures, changing colours and fonts, editing descriptions and prices, and more. Plus, it lets you see precisely how your coffee shop menu design looks before publishing — meaning there’s no guesswork involved with each design. That’s not all, though. With Menuzen’s digital menu maker, you can also easily manage your coffee shop prices — allowing for quick changes or discounts when needed. Additionally, if you run a chain of coffee shops, the low-priced paid plan allows you to create multiple live digital menus for each location, allowing for seamless control over your different menu item prices from anywhere.

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You can use Menuzen to create a coffee shop menu customised for a particular occasion and setting. Whether you want to organise a daily menu or compete in special events, Menuzen offers a suitable platform. Menuzen’s pre-designed menu templates come with different design styles and layouts. Whether you prefer minimalist aesthetics or want to go all out, you can easily customise any of our menu designs and tweak it with graphics, colours and fonts to reflect your coffee shop’s personality. There’s also the menu QR code that comes assigned to every menu you create on Menuzen. This is a great way to let people know your drinks and snack offerings, especially considering how busy coffee shops or outside events can be. Rather than hand paper menus to each customer, all they have to do is scan the QR code with their smartphone’s camera, and they can see what you have for sale.

The benefits of Menuzen’s coffee shop free menu template extend beyond the relative ease of designing a menu. Notably, it lets you personalise it with your business name and logo, which is a great way to promote brand recognition. Having your logo on your menu increases your visibility and helps people recognise your business whenever they read your menu. Moreover, having a professional-looking logo associated with your coffee shop helps build trust with customers and helps give them the impression that your coffee shop is an established brand — making them more likely to order from you. This means more revenue for you. When it comes to those drinks to serve at your coffee shop, there are several options. However, you may glean insights from our bubble tea menu template if you’re considering something a bit more out of the box.

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How to design a coffee shop menu?

If you're looking for coffee shop menu design ideas, note that creating a great-looking coffee shop menu doesn’t have to be complicated. You can customise Menzen’s pre-designed coffee shop menu template with just a few clicks.

Here are some of the crucial factors to consider when designing a coffee shop menu with Menuzen:

Branding: Incorporate your coffee shop’s branding into your menu design. You can choose colours, fonts, and even logos that reflect your style and make it easier for customers to recognise your coffee shop’s brand.

Colours: The colours you choose should be warm and inviting yet eye-catching; they should draw customers’ attention at the same time.

Fonts: Pick fonts that will be easy to read and go well with your overall design. Remember, you want customers to quickly understand what’s on the menu without getting confused or frustrated trying to decipher what’s written.

Logo: Include a logo in the header or footer of your menus, so customers will know which coffee shop it’s from just by glancing at it. Also, these logos can be subtle reminders for customers wanting to return for more delicious drinks or snacks.

Images: Pictures speak volumes, and you want to ensure you leverage them when designing your menu. Opt for images of your meal options over stock images to give diners excellent visuals of what they’re getting before they even arrive.

What are the 3 most common coffee shop drinks and snacks?

A coffee shop is basically a cafe offering coffee drinks alongside light, great-tasting snacks as refreshments. Higher end coffee shops use more interesting coffee beans to bring a unique taste to their drinks. The following are some of the most popular coffee shop menu ideas:

1. Macchiato

Macchiato is a popular espresso-based coffee drink that originated in Italy. It’s made by combining a shot of espresso with a small amount of steamed milk and a dollop of foam on top. The Italian term “macchiato” translates into “marked” or “stained,” referencing the small milk quantity introduced to the espresso. To prepare a macchiato, start by pulling a shot of espresso using an espresso machine. Then, steam a small amount of milk until it’s hot and has a creamy texture. Pour a small amount of the steamed milk into the espresso shot, then spoon a dollop of foam on top. The result should be a small, strong shot of espresso with a slight hint of milk and foam.

2. Mocha

Mocha is a popular coffee shop drink that combines espresso, chocolate, and milk. To make a mocha, first, brew an espresso shot and add two teaspoons of hot chocolate mix or cocoa powder, stirring afterwards. Foam and texture the milk to the desired consistency and pour it into the cup containing the chocolate espresso. Top the drink with whipped cream and dust with more cocoa powder before serving. The result is a rich and creamy drink with a chocolatey flavour and a kick of caffeine from the espresso. It’s a perfect treat for those who enjoy the combination of coffee and chocolate flavours. Moreover, a picture of this drink will sit perfectly on your chosen coffee menu template.

3. Cakes

Cakes are very common food menu item options often found in coffee shops. They’re typically made with flour, sugar, eggs, butter, baking powder or soda. The batter is usually mixed and baked in a cake pan until golden brown and fluffy. Once the cake is cooled, you can top it with frosting, whipped cream, or fruit. Cakes come in many flavours, such as chocolate, vanilla, and lemon, and you can customise them with different decorations and toppings. Our free bakery menu template outlines several cake options you may include in your coffee shop menu.

What are healthy drinks and snacks at a coffee shop?

There are some great healthy food and drink options at coffee shops, and we’ve outlined three excellent options below:

1. Matcha Green Tea Latte

This popular specialty coffee beverage comprises high-quality powdered green tea, steamed milk, and a sweetener. To prepare this drink, the matcha powder is mixed with a small amount of hot water to form a paste before adding steamed milk and sweetener. The mixture is whisked until it becomes frothy and is served in a cup. The flavour is rich and earthy, with a subtle sweetness from the milk and sweetener. It’s a healthier alternative to coffee due to the high concentration of antioxidants and lower caffeine content.

2. Fresh Juices or Smoothies

These are another set of healthy alternatives to coffee drinks in a coffee shop. They typically comprise a blend of fresh fruits and vegetables in ice and water. To prepare, simply choose your desired ingredients, such as kale, spinach, bananas, berries, and mango, and blend them until smooth. These drinks are perfect for those looking for a refreshing and nutritious option to start their day. Our smoothie bar menu template presents numerous healthy options you can select from.

3. Soft-Boiled Eggs on Toast

Eggs are protein-dense, low-calorie foods that can be a healthy offering on your coffee shop menu. Also, they make for a great meal when paired with wholewheat toast, and they keep your customers full for longer. Eggs are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D and choline. It’s important to note that individuals with specific dietary restrictions, such as those on a low-cholesterol diet, should consume eggs in moderation. This is something you may want to highlight in your menu item description.

What are the key flavours of coffee shop recipes?

Here are five familiar food flavours you may find in a coffee shop, along with some ingredients that contain them:

  • Vanilla: Vanilla beans, vanilla extract, and vanilla syrup.
  • Caramel: Caramel sauce, caramel syrup, and caramel flavouring.
  • Chocolate: Cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, and chocolate chips.
  • Hazelnut: Hazelnut syrup, hazelnut flavouring, and ground hazelnuts.
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, and cinnamon syrup.

What is a typical coffee shop side dish?

Oatmeal cookies are a popular side dish option in coffee shops made from oatmeal, flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and other flavourings like cinnamon, vanilla, or raisins. These cookies are generally considered a healthier option over other cookies due to the presence of oats, which are high in fibre and other essential nutrients. Oatmeal cookies pair well with espresso drinks and are often served as a snack or dessert. Some coffee shops may offer variations on the classic oatmeal cookie recipe, such as chocolate chip oatmeal cookies or peanut butter oatmeal cookies. Overall, these biscuits can provide a satisfying and nutritious addition to a coffee shop menu.

How do I create a coffee shop menu layout?

When curating your coffee shop menu layout, it’s essential to keep it as simple as possible to avoid cluttering. Ensure you group similar items and organise them logically. For example, place all the coffee drinks together and separate them from the teas, smoothies, and snacks. Another great way to do this is by placing the menu items in categories like hot drinks, cold drinks, and baked foods. Don’t forget to include the prices right beside each menu item and eliminate the currency symbol while you’re at it.

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