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Bubble Tea Menu Template

The bubble tea menu template for every bubbling tea spot

Whether your bubble teahouse offers only tea or pairs it with other food items, Menuzen offers you access to a great bubble tea menu design that accommodates all your menu items. Menuzen has prepared dozens of free menu templates that are easy to modify and brand. A free plan might be all you’ll need; if not, the paid option is very cheap.

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Bubble Tea Menu Template

Bubble Tea Menu Template

The bubble tea menu template for every bubbling tea spot

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Menuzen will save you a lot of money in the long term. Designing a menu is by itself expensive — we mean a world-class bubble tea menu design that’s attractive and displays your offers clearly and legibly. However, Menuzen has done most of the job by designing the menu templates for you — and there are plenty. It’s left for you to choose any design that interests you. You do not need graphic designers since Menuzen goes to a great length to ensure you find all menu-related solutions on the platform. You’ll also save money regarding printing menus. Menus fade, tear, get greasy, etc., and need regular replacement. With increasing inflation rates, you must have noticed the cost even if you used to ignore it before now. That said, Menuzen can end your reliance on paper menus.

Mistakes in pricing can cost you a lot of money — pricing mistakes that make some dishes unreasonably expensive can make customers boycott those items. If you rely on paper menus, the only remedy would be to go back to the original bubble tea menu design and make the necessary changes. This will warrant a reprinting of the entire menu copies in your restaurant. This is why you need Menuzen — the platform serves as a barrier between you and any losses emanating from customers refusing to buy a mistakenly overpriced drink. You can make changes to your menu as often as you want, which will take effect immediately across all devices where your menu is being viewed.

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Menuzen’s free plan alone is sufficient for some teahouses. With the option to display up to 50 different bubble tea flavours, all the items you sell can fit in one of the bubble tea free menu templates on Menuzen. Considering that the recommended maximum number of menu items is 32 when using a paper menu, it’s unlikely you’ll use up the item slots on our digital menu template. However, even if that happens, you could easily upgrade to the cheap paid plan (at $5/month for early birds) that offers unlimited menu real estate across multiple menus. You also won’t lack any basic menu attraction features since using one image per dish is available on the free plan.

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How to design a bubble tea menu?

This will be one of the simplest menus to design because the items don’t require extensive descriptions or complex pictures. It’s not mandatory to design a menu where each item has a unique picture, but it can be helpful to show customers what they can expect. Some pictures on great bubble tea menu designs aren’t actual photos but sketches or artistic drawings (which may even be royalty free). Depending on your aesthetic, that could fit in with your menu very nicely.

There’s this common mistake many bubble tea menu templates feature that the owners tend to overlook. They divide the menu into two columns, arranging the descriptions in one column and prices in the other. Instead, as bubble teas are so customisable, lead the customers through the ordering process. Start with the cup size at the top, then the tea flavour, and then the flavours of any toppings and extras. Underneath have the most popular or speciality teas before any snacks and food pairings you offer.

When you create a bubble tea menu, make sure not to violate any of the technical or physiological factors of great menus. First, ensure the menu is readable and don’t use colours or fonts that people must squint to read the print. The contrast between texts and images should be strong as well. If you intend to print the digital menu on paper, arrange your most profitable items along a diagonal line, starting from the top left side to the bottom right side of the menu because that’s where people’s eyeballs follow when they scan menus.

What are the 3 most common bubble teas?

When people say “types of bubble tea,” they typically mean the tea’s flavour. The ingredients required to make bubble tea are few. And your type of bubble tea depends on the type and amount of ingredients used. So, we’ll basically look at the most common bubble tea flavours in tea shops.

1. Classic Milk Tea

This is the original bubble tea mix known from 1980s Taiwan. The flavour is rich, creamy, sweet, and black tea-like. Most fancy flavours popping up worldwide today can’t defend the “classic” label even though their creators might desire it for them.

To make this unique tea, start with a strong black tea brew. Drop tea bags into hot water to make the black tea brew. Introduce the tea bags according to how strong you want the tea — two per 180 ml of water is just fine. Let it sit for 10 minutes; while it sits, put the following powders into a separate cup: creamer, fructose, and milk tea powder. Pour your brewed tea into the powder cup and stir until combined.

2. Tiger Milk Tea

The caramel taste pulls this flavour away from the classic milk tea. It also has a silky texture and unique colours. Tiger milk tea uses brown sugar and is sweeter than many other bubble tea drinks. So, perhaps you’d want to insert its picture into your bubble tea menu template due to its unique colour.

You can make this tea by warming milk and dropping a couple of tea bags in it. Mix until combined and let it cook for a while (it doesn’t have to simmer or boil). Boil water and add some tapioca pearls for cleansing before transferring the clean pearls to a pot of brown sugar syrup you also prepared. After cooking the pearls and sugar syrup for a while, transfer the mix to your tea cup and pour the milk over it. Stir the mix thoroughly before serving.

3. Thai Milk Tea

Thai tea is a typical bubble tea originating from Thailand. Its unique feature is the orange colour, but the rest of its ingredients are similar to the others’. Apart from its orange colour, this tea’s other prominent distinguishing factor is its very sweet taste.

For this drink, you need Thai tea powder, sugar, evaporated milk, water, and probably some ice. Bring some water to a boil and add the Thai tea powder. Bring the mixture to a boil and add sugar. That’s it; you may also mix it with milk before serving.

What is the most authentic drink at a bubble tea restaurant?

To be frank, there are enough varieties of flavours in bubble tea bars to make one’s head spin. Still, the most authentic flavours would contain traditional ingredients like black tea, milk, sweetener, and tapioca pearls.

Apart from the above, some traditional bubble tea formulas include:

  • Taro milk tea
  • Lychee fruit tea
  • Fruit tea

Their preparation is similar to the ones described above. You’ll add tea bags to hot water or milk, mix until combined and let it heat up for a while. The tapioca pearls are cleansed in boiling water, transferred to sugar syrup or directly to your brewed tea or milk if you had already added sugar to the milk or tea.

What are the key flavours in bubble tea?

Bubble tea’s flavours are uncountable because it’s penetrated many countries and societies. However, to call any tea bubble tea, it must contain the black tea ingredient, milk, sweetener, and boba (such as tapioca pearls or popping boba). Milk can be omitted from the flavour or substituted with plant-based variants, but this vegan version doesn’t seem to have any history in Taiwan. So, basically, the key flavours in a cup of bubble tea are sweetener, milk, black tea, and boba.

What is a typical bubble tea?

Bubble tea has its roots in Taiwan. Traditional bubble tea contains milk, sweetener, brewed tea, and boba such as tapioca pearls. However, since attaining viral popularity worldwide, this legendary beverage’s flavour, texture, and even name have been inconsistent. Countries modified the mix by introducing local tea ingredients and other additives.

Still, it’s possible to pinpoint flavours that qualify as typical bubble tea. These include:

  • Milk Tea: It contains milk, brewed tea, and the other ingredients listed above.
  • Thai Tea: This one, too, has milk but is stronger than milk tea in that it contains more black tea.
  • Taro Bubble Tea: It contains pureed taro.
  • Fruit Tea: This can be the vegan version of the lot. It’s fruit-based and contains black tea alongside an optional mix of the aforementioned ingredients.

How do I create a bubble tea restaurant menu layout?

There are many great menu layouts for bubble tea shops. You shouldn’t worry about layouts when using Menuzen because we have a vast selection of menu layout options to give you bubble tea menu design ideas. In most cases, you can be as creative as you want with your bubble tea menu design.

Don’t put your menu in crisis by jumbling different tea flavours, snacks, or other accompanying dishes. If your available consumables can be categorically separated, then your design should have categories. For example, if a particular number of flavours are plant-based while others are animal-based, consider creating a vegan section or something. Overall, the order is critical because it enhances customer experience.

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