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There’s no denying cafe culture is all the rage, with cafes being known to drive food trends and draw in crowds. If you have your hands full managing your cafe, our free menu creator software can help.

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Effective menu creation and management

As a cafe manager or small business owner, you likely have enough on your plate as is. With Menuzen, you can create, manage and design menus within a single platform with no technical background required.

Showcase your specials and seasonal menus

Use Item Manager and Menu Manager to display daily selections, drink lists and seasonal items – plus any items that have ‘sold out’. To save time, customers can view your live menu online before making their way over.

Choose from high-quality menu designs and templates

There’s no need to spend on costly or time-consuming design services each time you need to update your menu. Simply pick an elegant menu template in Menu Designer that reflects your brand. They’re all free and customisable to your liking!

Share your menu on social media

Do you use social media to share your artisanal food creations? Luckily, Menuzen’s link sharing lets you promote your live menus on social media. You won’t need to post a new menu every day as your URL stays the same.

Perfect for small businesses

We’re talking about the small business owners who manage everything themselves with a few employees. Menuzen allows them to manage their cafe’s menu with ease and without all the extra costs.

Menuzen is also useful for staff members at small yet bustling cafes. After creating a selection of fresh sandwiches and cakes every morning, they can update the menu within minutes to reflect the day’s best offerings.

Think of customers who visit their favourite cafe every day and love to order their favourite toastie with their coffee. With this food item often selling out, it’s great to be able to check the live menu to see what’s available.

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